Resume Writing Assistance

We offer software and experienced staff to help you develop an effective resume that stands out from others.

Interview Process

You get practical advice on how, through research, practice and preparation, to show-case your skills and experience best. You will get helpful tips on how to dress and groom yourself for an interview. Learn the different types of interviews and develop a strategy for each one.

Career Exploration

It's all about you! This service gives you the tools to assess your knowledge, skills, personal interests, and priorities on the journey to finding the job that is best for you (or not a good fit). Identify resources that are available to find a rewarding career.

Career Networking

Everyone recommends it, but not everyone does it well: Learn the benefits of effective and strategic "networking" and how interpersonal resources and contacts could lead to a new job. We will apply what you learn, so you will develop a plan to present yourself to networking groups, create a networking source list, and develop a list of the types of networking groups.

Job Coaching

Job coaching services for people with disabilities provide personalized support to help individuals overcome barriers and succeed in the workplace. These services focus on skill development, job search assistance, on-the-job support, advocacy for accommodations, building confidence, and promoting long-term success. The goal is to empower individuals with disabilities to navigate the job market, fostering independence and contributing to a more inclusive workforce.

Transitional Services

Informed choice or decision making requires education regarding employment opportunities in our community. Access II will provide information regarding the range of employment options students will have upon transitions from high school, technical school or college to adult services. There plans are tailored to the individual's specific expectations and the opportunities available locally.